SkyXplore: Spacedome Digital Planetarium

By October 3, 2012News

Last July 27, 2012, Good Shepherd Christian School held an activity called SkyXplore.

The SkyXplore: Spacedome Digital Planetarium event was launched by the Diliman Preparatory School. SkyXplore is an educational program that gives the students more information about astronomy.

The students visited the first station where they were taught about the planets, the moon, asteroids and the like. This part taught the students that earth can also be called as “Luna”, “Diana” or “Apollo”.
The second station was where the students entered an inflatable mobile planetarium. This is where the students learned a lot about space through the use of this digital planetarium.

The last part of the program showed the students a presentation entitled “S.O.M.E. 1” or “Saving Our Mother Earth by 1”. This part gave the students information about conservation. The students were also reminded about the three R’s namely: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The SkyXplore really helped the students appreciate astronomy more and was also a fun way to learn and inform the students about the problems that we are facing because of lack of information about the proper way of disposing our garbage. This also helps us be aware of what the result might be if we don’t start saving our mother Earth