Scouts Pledge Allegiance

By January 26, 2018News

by John Robert Tobias & Alexandra Louise Ramos

The GSCS conducted its yearly Scouting Investiture for this year’s old and new Scouts on the 24th and 25th of October. The investitures for Kid, Twinkler, Star, and Cab Scouts were held on the first day. New members were welcomed while old members were rededicated. Teachers from different scout levels prepared the scouts for the Investiture as it was a day to remember because it was an honor and responsibility to be part of the Scouts of the Philippines.

As for the Investiture on October 25, the program was led by Mr. Francis Gepolane and Ms. Ruth Love Tresvalles, along with Scout leaders ranging from Grades 8-11. To start, Mrs. Evelyn Obien gave her opening remarks. She asked the learners and talked about the qualities that a scout must have. After that, the Senior Girl Scout leaders continued on in lighting the candles with various colors that represented their law, promise, and oath. The ceremony bestowed to invest all Grade 7 students and transferees from different grade levels to become Senior Scouts of the Philippines in GSCS and at the same time, to renew the membership of old scouts.

The scouts took an oath before being bestowed the specific neckerchief and pins as indications of them being transferred to Senior Scouts of GSCS, which the parents, guardians, godmothers, godfathers, or teachers of the scouts were assigned to Put on them. Afterwards, the Senior Boy Scouts recited their commitments as well. Their guardians were also asked to put the scouts’ neckerchiefs. Before the closing prayer, all of the Senior Scouts commit ted to aspire the qualities that a scout must possess and the responsibilities that lie ahead. The program ended with a prayer by Pastor Pablito Obien.

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