Nutrition Month Ignites July

By October 16, 2015News

By: Raemonn Apiag

To promote proper nutrition and healthy living to its stakeholders, GSCS celebrated the annual nutrition month on a weeklong program from July 22-24.

With the theme “Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Ehersisyo at Nutrisyon,” the TLE department spearheaded by Science coordinator Mrs. Imelda Amit and Ms. Queenylyn Regino from the high school department, organized a food festival, school-wide aerobics, poster-making, and quiz bee contests.

Travelling and tasting different cuisine around the world was made easier when the high school department participated in food festival which was a contest were each section transformed their room into a different country along with its nutritious and mouth-watering food.

The grand winner for the said event is 8-Matthew which presented a festive Philippines under Mr. John Paul Oliver, followed by the fine dine-in at France from 9-Mark who was supervised by Ms. Ma. Zarina Daya, and the Italian style 7-Mark of Ms. Alex Ramos for the third place.

Another highlight of the celebration was the aerobics which promoted awareness of one’s weight since it is one of the best ways to have a healthy body against a lifestyle which is dominated by smartphones and computers.

Moreover, the winners for the poster making contests were Lorelie Misola for the first place, Hikaru Aquino for second place, and Isabel Colina for the third place, all from 10-Mark.

Meanwhile, Johanna Andrea Mariano was crowned as the champion in the quiz bee.

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