Mandaluyong elects GSCS Students as LCPC officers

By October 3, 2012News

Keziah Custodio and Julian Victor Dupaya of IV-Matthew were elected to be two of the officers of the LCPC (Local Council for the Protection of Children) and Children Federation Council.

LCPC of Mandaluyong won after they had competed for the Most Child-Friendly City back in 2011. This year, the LCPC of Mandaluyong is competing for the same title. Hence, JV and Keziah were sent to the City Hall of Mandaluyong to be with our respected mayor, Mr. Benhur Abalos, for a conference regarding the on-going competition.

Mr. Benhur Abalos emphasized his thoughts for the benefits of our city that will surely affect the relationships between young people.