Keeping a Float

By June 28, 2012News

By Hannah Krisha P. Tongco

My classmates and I, along with our teachers Mrs. Jophy Lucena and Ms. Angelita Berces, experienced something genuinely new last March 3, 2012 as we boarded the floating book store MV Logos Hope.MV Logos Hope is a ship operated by the German charitable Christian organization GBA Ships E.V. which aims to provide knowledge, help, and hope to people all over the world. The Logos Hope crew consists of 400 unpaid volunteers from over 45 different countries and is captained by Dirk Colenbrander from the Netherlands.

During our visit to the ship, the first thing that caught my attention was the pleasant atmosphere that surrounded the place. As we first stepped foot unto the ship, we were welcomed by the crew and were given a moment to sit in the lifeboat theatre where we learned about what life aboard the ship is like. Then we went through the Book Fair and bought some books at a surprisingly low price range. I was amazed at the number of books that were there. There were over 5,000 different book titles! Being a self-proclaimed bookworm, I think I enjoyed this part of the ship most.

We learned about life’s unexpected twists and turns when we watched the story about the prodigal son in the Journey of Life part of the ship. Then we came across the Theatre where we watched a magician perform funny and awesome magic tricks. But according to the ship’s brochure, the entertainment in the Theatre changes each time so you’ll never know what to expect. And, finally, we took a break at the ship’s Café where we sat down, ate a bit, and even took time to chat with one crewmember from Switzerland.

Yes, we all enjoyed our brief, yet memorable, trip to Logos Hope. But it isn’t the books, the food or the entertainment that made the vessel such a unique and special place to go to. If you’d ever be able to visit this ship when it docks in Manila again, you’ll not only fall in love with the ship’s wonderful structure or the number of books you’ll find. You’ll also fall in love with the people who work in it. Those people are friendly, kind, helpful, and will be willing to take time to get to know you. They travel the world sharing knowledge and hope to people without expecting to receive anything in return. In a world where poverty and corruption are rampant, Logos Hope’s crew truly does help keep Hope afloat.