GSCSians Embrace Diversity in UN Day Celebrations 2017

By January 26, 2018News

by Keisha Bernaldez

Before the semestral break, Good Shepherd Christian School (GSCS) pupils from the elementary level gathered to celebrate the United Nations (UN) Day on the school grounds last October 24, with the theme “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”.

The ceremony started with the entrance of colors by chosen scouts led by Mr. Nomar Mercines, followed by an opening prayer led by Rev. Ricardo Bernardino. The Philippine National anthem was conducted by Mrs. Lorena Sabulao and afterwards, words of welcome and greetings were given by the school’s beloved principal, Mrs. Delna Moralita.

To start the competition, the representatives from different grade levels, trained by Ms. Michelle Sapnu and Ms. Keziah Villa presented their opening song number. It truly was a very exciting event for everyone because the representatives of the countries around the world amazed the crowd with their national costumes while modeling them and introducing themselves.

The flawlessness of their greetings was due to the training of Mrs. Christine Joy Canlas. Intermission numbers were also presented in the event. Selected High School students showed their talents in dancing with their Special Cultural Dance performance, choreographed by Mrs. Melody Alhambra. Meanwhile, Jake Llamas from Grade VI – Exodus rendered a song.

The competition was divided into two levels – Level 1 for pupils from Grades 1 to 3, and Level 2 for Grades 4 to 6. The judges for Level 1 were Ms. Paolyn Grace Obien and Ms. Jhing Rivera, both Pre-school teachers. On the other hand, the judges for Level 2 were Mrs. Marivic Velasquez, the school registrar, and Ms. Ayla Isleta, the School’s Office Assistant.

There were numerous awards given to the candidates. Among the awards and the students who received them were the following:

Level 1
Best in National Costume: Ms. Philippines (Reeanne Marr Resureccion, Grade I – Genesis)
Best in Production Number: Ms. Belgium (Abigail Jihye Nam, Grade III – Leviticus)
Best in Modeling: Ms. Philippines (Reeanne Marr Resureccion, Grade I –Genesis)

Level 2
Best in National Costume: Ms. Pakistan (Monique Joy M. Palma, Grade V – Genesis)
Best in Production Number: Ms. Italy (Paula P. Elviña, Grade VI – Exodus)
Best in Modeling: Ms. Italy (Paula P. Elviña, Grade VI – Exodus)

The last part of the event was a song for World Peace and Unity, performed by the UN participants. The event ended with a closing prayer by Pastor Pablito Obien.

The program was organized by Mrs. Aida Vasquez, with the help of the other teachers.

The emcees for this celebration were Ms. Keziah Villa and Ms. Melanice Liwanag.

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