GSCS Varsity Team Unlocks School’s Athletic Side

By March 7, 2018News

by: Marcus Railey Pelayo & Arvie Joy Villanueva

For the first time, Good Shepherd Chris­tian School (GSCS) formed a varsity this school year 2017-2018.

The sports includ­ed in this varsity are Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball. The students were thrilled to know that the school would finally focus and take time to enhance their skills in sports. Its main purposes are to create basketball and volleyball aware­ness among GSCSians, to form individuals holistically, and to be inspiration­al models of GSCS as student-athletes.

With regards to their skills in sports, the school’s goal is to fun­damentally develop the basketball and volleyball players by preparing them physically, men­tally, and emotionally to play to their fullest po­tentials and represent the school in organized basketball and volley­ball tournaments. In ad­dition to this, the school also wants its students and teachers to be en­tertained while the school team competes with other schools, gains good rapport with them, and acquires new memories and experi­ences that they would take with them in life.

Mr. Francis Gepolane and Ms. Ruth Love Tres­valles were appointed as basketball and vol­leyball coaches, respec­tively. They are also the ones that will develop and add to the knowl­edge of fellow GSCS teachers about the said sports, in order to build their capabilities in running the school varsity in the future.

A few words were shared by students who are part of the school’s varsity team:

“At first I was a little ner­vous if I will pass or not. But when I knew that I was part of GSCS’ varsi­ty, I was very excited and happy because GSCS will start to compete with other schools.”, said Edlyn Agcaoili, a varsity member of vol­leyball from Grade 11.

Another insight was shared by Arsenio Noel, a varsity member of basketball from Grade 10: “When I heard that GSCS is going to have a varsity team, I was sur­prised and excited be­cause I know I’m going to have knew experienc­es like playing with other schools, knowing some of the players while playing with them, and earning new knowledge as well as strategies in playing basketball.”

Mr. Gepolane and Ms. Tresvalles held basketball and volley­ball tryouts for the stu­dents who wished to share their God-given talents.

The line-up of the players that were set to play as GSCS’ official varsity team was an­nounced last January 8.

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