Christian Education Week 2017: Fearless

By January 26, 2018News

by Alessandra Sagun

Good Shepherd Christian School held its Daily Bible School (DBS) last September 25-29 with the theme “Fearless.” DBS is being celebrated every year not just to give students some time to relax, take a break from their academic obligations, and strengthen their bond with each other, but also to remind them of the things which are of importance.

On the first day, the importance of being a follower was explained and how obedience leads people to the right path because the Lord looks at a person’s heart and willingness to submit to Him.

The significance of believing in the power of the Lord was given emphasis on the second because it teaches people not to be afraid nor dismayed because strength comes from Him.

As for the third day, the topic was about respecting each other’s differences—may it be in terms of actions, beliefs, religion, and culture. Indeed, proving a point makes a person feel good about himself. However, at the end of the day, what matters most is the peace that people have within themselves. Being able to work through each and every one’s differences allow people to unite in different ways and gives way to the forgiveness and acceptance of other people.

On the fourth day, it was explained that everything that people have and what they have achieved did not only come from their own efforts—these are the products of God’s grace. This is why it is important to give back all the praises to Him.

Lastly, the essence of being a disciple of God was explained during the fifth and last day of DBS. To be a disciple is to be a student who listens to the teachings of the Lord and lives by them. Abiding by these teachings allows people to apply them in their daily lives and use them as a guide on how to relate with one another.

The main purpose of DBS is to remind students of the essence of having a relationship with the Lord and how truly important it is to also work on their faith. This event was also a way of reminding them of the Lord’s sacrifices for His people and His goodness in their daily lives.

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