The School Administration, PTA, and Students Show Appreciation for GSCS Teachers

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by Alexandra Louise Ramos

Last October 5, after the shortened classes, GSCS and staff trooped to Sambokojin at SM Mega Mall where a festive lunch awaited them. They were joined by the GSCS Board members, UCGS pastors and staff and the PTA Execom officers. To the delight of the teachers, they were given gifts as a token of the school’s appreciation for their diligence in being teachers.

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GSCS @30: Rejoicing in God’s Faithfulness

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GSCS celebrated its 30th Founding Anniversary last February 4-8 under the theme, “Rejoicing in God’s Faithfulness”. The preparatory activities for the Foundation Week began last January 25 with the Opening Ceremony for the Sports Fest, which began last January 28. The celebration of the Foundation Week began with the Thanksgiving Ceremony followed by the Opening of Booths on the first day. A Quiz Show involving selected students was conducted on the third day, while the GSCS Grandioso Sing & Dance Showdown was held on the fourth day. On the last day, the students presented their field demonstrations for the Field Demonstrations competition, and the awarding of winners for the different competitions.

Intramurals ’13
By Niccolo Ventenilla

The Opening Ceremony for the Foundation Week Intramurals was held on January 25, 2013. It started with the Entrance of Colors and the introduction of the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals candidates, followed by the Lighting of the Torch, Opening Prayer led by Rev. Pacifico Sardido Jr., and some welcome remarks from our assistant principal, Mrs. Evelyn Obien. Afterwards, Joseph Andal from IV-Matthew led the Oath of Sportsmanship, Rev. Sardido declared the Opening of the Games, and Terence Sigua from III-Matthew introduced the judges for the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals Competition.

The winners for the different Intramurals competitions are as follows:
Mr. and Ms. Intramurals
Level One
Mr. Intramurals : Andre Joab Aseoche
Ms. Intramurals : Louise Ann Perlas
Level Two
Mr. Intramurals : Gwen Constantino
Ms. Intramurals : Kaithlin Bonifacio
Level Three
Mr. Intramurals : Gabriel Evora
Ms. Intramurals : One Precious Ignacio
Volleyball : Elementary
Mythical Six: Eloisa Ebro; Sophia Dawal; Jessazel Lim; Francine Punongbayan; Andrea Hernandez; Sky Palacio
Sportsmanship Award : Eloisa Ebro
MVP : Eloisa Ebro
Champion : Yellow Team
Basketball : Elementary
Mythical Five: George Cadag; J.M. Tesorero; Myles Radaza; EJ Ecal;Joshua Rayo
Sportsmanship Award : Myles Radaza
MVP : Joshua Rayo
Champion : Green Team
Volleyball : High School
Mythical Six: Siddea de Leon; Celine Buenaventura; Karla Tigue; Jirah Soriano; Tanya Eugenio; Silvia Reyes
MVP : Karla Tigue
Champion : Juniors
Basketball : High School
Mythical Five: Steven Ching; LJ Jose; Francisco Managuit; David Pelaez; Michael Jose
MVP : David Pelaez
Champion : Seniors
Table Tennis
Women’s Singles : Tanya Eugenio
Men’s Singles : Marc Agner
Women’s Doubles: Jennica Bautista & Eunice de Leon
Men’s Doubles: Marc Agner & Benjamin Taniegra
Mixed Doubles: Marc Agner & Jennica Bautista
Singles : Wilfred Nikkolai Cabrera
Doubles : Jarred Evangelista & Michael Liwanag
Champion : Chryz Cabrera
Rubik’s Cube
Champion : Austin Cantilang
Scrabble & Word Factory
Jason Galang & Keziah Custodio
Champion : Chryz Cabrera
Rubik’s Cube
Champion : Austin Cantilang
Scrabble & Word Factory
Jason Galang &Keziah Custodio
Ivan Gesmundo, Lance Santos, Daniel Florendo, Densel Santos

Field Demonstrations Program
By Enqvist Joshua P. Leyco

On February 8, 2013, students from pre-school to high school presented various field demonstrations as part of the annual foundation day celebrations.

The theme for this year is “Rejoicing in God’s faithfulness”. The field demonstrations were divided into six levels. The Pre-school for level one presented fancy marching; Grades 1 & 2 for level two presented gymnastics; Grades 3 & 4 for level three presented interpretative dances; Grades 5 & 6 for level four presented masquerade dances and the high school department for levels five and six presented folk dances.

Before the awarding of winners, special numbers were also performed by selected grade 6 and high school students. The junior chorale also sang an original composition, “Foundation of Love”.

List of Winners:
Level 1
1st : Kinder; 2nd : Nursery 2; 3rd : Nursery 1
Level 2
1st : Grade 1; 2nd : Grade 2
Level 3
1st : Grade 3; 2nd : Grade 4
Level 4
1st : Grade 5; 2nd : Grade 6
Level 5
1st : Grade 7; 2nd : 2nd year
Level 6
1st : 4th year; 2nd : 3rd year

Grandioso Sing & Dance Showdown
By Enqvist Joshua P. Leyco

Last February 7, 2013, the selected students from all levels competed with each other for the GSCS Grandioso Sing & Dance Showdown. The event was hosted by Mr. Glenn Del Fierro and Ms. Heidi Casiño who are alumni of GSCS.
The show started after some words of welcome by the school principal, Mrs. Delna Moralita.

Before the announcement of winners, Sky Palacio, a Grade VI-Genesis student gave a special song number along with Bea Tabije, also a Grade VI Genesis student who accompanied her by playing the guitar.

All the contestants received a certificate of recognition from the school principal and winners were given trophies.
List of Winners:

Level 1 : Grade 3 (Aaron & Lucy)
Level 2 : Grade 6 (Myles & Tehillah)
Level 3 : 2nd year (Ella & Jonah)
Level 4 : 4th year (Celine & Ken)
Level 1 : Grade 1 (Frances & Prince)
Level 2 : Grade 6 (Dezniel & Eloisa)
Level 3 : 2nd year (Uriel & Marietonie)
Level 4 : 4th year (Basil & Ara)