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May 2010

27th Commencement

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GSCS Holds 27th Commencement
Congressman Neptali ‘Boyet’ Gonzales II was the guest of honor speaker of the commencement Exercises for the Elementary and High School last March 25 and 26 respestively, at the GSCS quadrangle.

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YJAM Contests

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Abelo, Ignacio Win in YJAM Contests

Marie Chanel Abelo (IV-Matthew) and Ray Martin Ignacio (IV-Mark) won in the essay writing and photo contests focused on the environment conducted by Young Journalists Association in Mandaluyong (YJAM).

Abelo’s essay “Awakened,”  written as an eye-opener for students to take part in taking care of the environment, was chosen the best essay.

Ignacio’s portrait entitled“Liwanag sa Dilim” was one among the best three photos.

The contests were held after the combined seminar workshop on values formation, leadership and environment  held in participated in to Mt. Banahaw last January 30-31, 2010.

21 students from seven public and private schools in Mandaluyong took part in the workshop led by YJAM founder and adviser Mr. Lito Cinco.

The winners received gift certificates and Parker ballpens courtesy of David’s Salon and the city government of Mandaluyong.

“I was amazed, and it was much unexpected when I heard the news that I won,” says Ignacio. “I can’t even believe it then. It was my first time to join in a photo contest and I’m very happy.”

By Regina Loraine Detabali

New SSG Officers

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Torres Leads New SSG Officers

Joy Bernadette Torres was chosen the new president of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in the election held last March 19 at the UCGS Sanctuary.

Other elected officers were Vice President: Valentina Rivera, Secretary: Hilda T. Dela Cuesta, Treasurer: Happy Chan, 4th yr P.R.O: Nikko Hampton, 2nd yr P.R.O: Timothy Mejia.

For the 3rd year PRO, tied votes occurred between Marriane Leyva and Kristel Macasero.  Ms. Diane Laurente, SSG adviser said that another election will be conducted next year to determine the winner.

Two student groups were formed to participate in the elections. S.M.A.R.T Party List was composed of  President: Leandra Angelic Gonzales, Vice President: Valine Rivera,  Secretary: Jamielyn Dela Cruz,  Treasurer: Ray John M. Salud, 2nd Yr PRO: Niccolo Paolo R. Ventenilla, 3rd Yr PRO: Kristel Macasero and 4th Yr PRO: Nikko Hampton.

On the other hand,  E.L.I.T.E Partylist was represented by President: Joy Bernadette Torres, Vice President: Rhea Alysa Reduta, Secretary: Hilda Dela Cuesta, Treasurer: Happy Chan, 2nd Yr PRO: Keziah V. Custodio, 3rd Yr PRO: Marriane Leyva and 4th Yr PRO: Blezzy Rivera.

Two independent candidates also joined in the elections. Alyanna Hernandez ran for president while Timothy Mejia for 2nd year PRO.
A Meeting de Avance was conducted last March 17, 2010 at the high school building to let the candidates present their plans given the chance of serving in the SSG.

By Dustinne F. Umadac

Outstanding Students

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GSCS Recognizes Outstanding Students

GSCS awarded its outstanding students in Recognition Ceremony  held last March 23, 2010 at the UCGS Sanctuary.

The honor students and subject excellence awardees were given medals for their outstanding performances both inside the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

Mrs. Adelina Duarte, English Coordinator, guided the ceremony.

The event commenced with the entrance of colors which was followed by the procession of the honor students, administration faculty and staff.

Selected high school students  presented a special number and Pastor Larry Macabante, High School coordinator. led the opening prayer.

Mrs. Eunice Liwanag conducted the Philippine National Anthem, while Mrs. Evelyn Canas initiated the GSCS hymn. Our beloved principal Mrs. Delna C. Moralita delivered a warm speech followed by the awarding.

Recipients were presented by their advisers, awarded by Mrs. Delna C. Moralita, Pastor Jun Sardido, and members of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Librada Moran and Mrs. Gay Cruz. They were assisted by the coordinators.

The GSCS Junior Choral, led by Mrs. Deanne Faith Acebedo presented a song number. The outstanding and honor pupils thanked their parents through a song rendition entitled Yesterday’s Dream.

Rev.  Pacifico Sardido dedicated the students to the Lord in prayer.

By Dustinne F. Umadac

Trip to the Moon

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Uggghh!!! My head seemed to be circling around. We just finished the last issue of The Shepherd News Times. As an Editor-in-Chief, I was very proud of the success of our paper. My boss, Regina Detabali, congratulated me and even gave me a pass to have a tour out of the continent with my co-writers Maricena Bilan and Wynechan Aguas. It was very kind of her. I didn’t have second thoughts on it. All I wanted at the time was to be out of works and meetings.

I immediately called my nurse bestfriend, Camille del Monte, to come with us. Unfortunately, she had innumerable patients at the moment. And she would be going to the rural areas with Psychologist Pauline Pajarillaga, Pediatrician Krizzia Mitra and Physician Daniel Caliwag to reach out to poor children.

The three of us rode on the latest airplane that has a great speed called “Olly”, formulated by the well-known pilot Oliver Cullado. The airplane’s gorgeous stewardesses, Princess Mariano, Scarlet Castillo, Nelsie Rapayrapay, Hannah Beatriz Navarez, Jeamae Cadano, Keziah Soniega and Joanafelle Quingua, were very friendly. They made me feel comfortable with their kindness. During the 20-minute ride out of the earth, I inserted my one-inch-ipod in my ears and listened to my favorite DJ, Joshua Zoleta. His voice was relaxing as clouds smoothly brushed my face (the plane’s upper part could be put down).

Later, a hologram was provided. I snapped my fingers and a sports channel appeared. The Philippine Aerobasketball Team just won over Russia’s. The popular players, Mark Rodriguez, Cris Morin, Cedric Antiojo, Harvey Dela Cuesta, Ivan Marcelo, Jeffrey Galang and Vijay Brar, were having an interview while their fans were desperately screaming. Their coach, Mark Tibayan, was with them. I flipped the channel and entertained myself by the famous singer/dancer Ferdinand Gareza. His music videos directed by Joshua Baxal were a hit around the world, especially in the most part of Asia. The latest song “Bong Bong” was written by composer Justine Moscoso. But who could top the most popular musician Edward Mesina? I am so excited for his concert next week! I snapped my fingers for the third time and I saw on the screen the most shocking news that Businessman Dreick Mccoy Serrano just bought the World’s Super Mall from Gurvir Singh. It was all over the news that Philippine Ambassador Azalea Menor and American Ambassador Nathaniel Joshua Catipon went to Europe to extend their hands to the victims of last week’s terrible earthquake. It was also a talk of the town that Mathematician Francis Gepolane discovered a new theory that could change the whole concept of statistics. Whoa.

I was very amused by what I had watched that I lost track of time. Finally, I reached outer space. I smiled at the sight of the moon while Astronaut Marco Masangcay was setting his foot on it. He was the famous person who invented a scientific element that would stop a thing from floating, thus, letting everything roam outside the earth. I travelled around, scrutinizing the silvery stars near me. They were majestic.
I wandered around the space and met famous personalities John Silver Cuntapay and Dale Josue who were also my high school batch mates. They were on a meeting in a restaurant near the moon. I walked around once more and had a reflection about my life. Oh no, I enjoyed so much that I forgot to check on my twins. I pulled out the “pictodevice” from my pocket and formed in my mind the image of my daughters. I saw them still having a rehearsal at the Abad Dance Studio owned by the Hollywood Dancer, Mermoiselle Denise Abad. They were taught by Gymnast Jana Lugares and International Dancers Jaiune Resurreccion and Roxanne Pablo.

When they were done training, I heard my daughters’ voices calling me back. I turned on the “pictodevice” again. They reported to me the news that their father’s company had an unfinished case in the NBI and so their Dad could not go home until late in the evening. He said not to worry since the company’s lawyer was the best so far: Atty. Jan Ashley Bunanig. He rarely lost in a case.
I knew I needed to go back home in a short while. At least, I got to unwind for a moment. It was time for me to fix the problems at home and at work. If only I could stay in the famous 100-star hotel owned by business partners Jhunarlyn Bancud and Bianca Corpus. I miss the chef there who could cook everything you could think of. The sight of Chef  Michael Cauilan preparing food made my stomach hurl for food. I quickly dispelled the thoughts away from my mind. I knew it was hard to be this busy. Not to mention I didn’t have a “robotic maid” anymore. But I needed to handle it.

I went back home in a short span of time. I appreciated my mansion for the umpteenth time. Thanks to prominent Engineers Aries Bunanig and Justine Nemo. I never had problems with everything when it comes to my manor. And it looked very majestic.

A few minutes after I had arrived, my daughters were having a discussion with their principal, Tricia May Agres on an 8G video call. She told them that they have to finish up their works on Photoshop CS 10 created by Ray Martin Ignacio. When they were done discussing, my twins greeted me with a hug. It was the first time again after a long time that I got to talk with them. They shared with me how they learned a lot from their teachers Elisha Alcantara and Katrina Motol. They told me how they looked up to them. “They’re awesome, Mom!” they exclaimed. I told them I had the same experience before. And so I shared with them my favorite teacher when I was in Highschool. Mrs. Jophylyne Lucena was truly the person who impacted my life. She has inspired me until now. On and on my daughters and I talked, laughing every so often. I was glad that I had more time with my family since I didn’t use up all my vacation time.

What a week! It was Monday again. Back to work. I dropped by BP Cafe and greeted the owner Mr. Brian Pintac with a big smile. But he wasn’t in the mood because his rival in business, Ronnie Morasa, who also put up a coffee shop beside BP Café, seemed to be teasing him. I ordered some frappuccino and before I blinked an eye, it was right next on my table. I glanced up at the 6-D paintings around the coffee shop made by artists Eiji Asami, Cristopher Naguit and Angelo Caceres. They all had different styles of art. Everything was pleasant to look at.
I really missed writing and so I started to create a poem about my past life. My High school life specifically. All the memories seemed to form like a rainbow on my mind. How could I forget all my teachers who encouraged me through those years? How could I not remember my classmates who accepted me for who I am? And how could I not picture the ever green walls of my school-The Good Shepherd Christian School- that reminded me of God’s love?

I never noticed that I actually finished up an article about my previous years in life. When I looked around, I noticed a man in tux reading a newspaper at the corner. “Sir Larry!” I almost shouted. He waved at me and we talked for a while.

After a couple of minutes, I looked up the clock and it spoke to me how late I was for work. I waved goodbye to my not-so-old mentor. I scurried away from the BP Café and half-ran toward my office. I heard a ringing bell on the street and saw a church nearby. A wedding that was occurring made me curious. And so I entered the sanctuary and saw my ever-beautiful former adviser Ms. Diane Laurente. She was walking in the aisle toward an American man. Pastor Kevin Reyes caught my attention. I wanted to witness the grandiose wedding but I was really late for work so I went away.

All the flying cars were all occupied so I had no choice but to walk. Drops of sweat were forming on my forehead. But the sweat slowly vanished when I saw my newly published book in the bookstore I passed by. I smiled uncontrollably as I read the lower part of the book: Marie Chanel T. Abelo-Magalong Writer/Editor-in-Chief. I hummed all along the way, finishing up my coffee.